Accounting services for international companies


In the last years we have been working on introducing such automatic services that may help to harmonize Hungarian and international reports. Based on our experience, apart from preciseness and professional expertise, out international Clients consider quick and periodical data provision as the most essential service item.



Accounting services

  • Establish the structure of accounting
  • Collate the general ledger, the balance sheet and the income statement
  • Record and account the receipts
  • Prepare and outsource returns and obligations
  • Make monthly and quarterly reports for the owners in English/German by the given day of the month
  • Data provision for banks and investors/owners
  • Make annual and midyear closing
  • Communicate the Hungarian legal regulations to the management
  • Conduct annual audit
  • Support financial planning


We consider ourselves lucky as more and more international companies commit us with the accounting of their Hungarian subsidiaries. This is a challenge for our team, and also an honourable mission as we can contribute to the law-abiding operations of international companies working in Hungary.

Our main tasks are to support the work of the Hungarian managing director and the finance department, and to create keystones that make the company functioning and transparent.

Often our work starts with an audit that reveals the past and enables us to check whether the company has been complying with the Hungarian legal regulations. As a second step, our consultant and accountant colleagues help with establishing the short- and the mid-term accounting operation model. After these cornerstones have been created, financial management will be able to do safe and easy work.

Our primary task is to create an accounting model in accordance with the Hungarian legal regulations, a company structure and a settlement system. Consecutively, the management is capable of making monthly and quarterly reports, since they can see the accounting processes, and all necessary documents are available online periodically.

We serve companies in smaller teams based on the needs of the management and the systems of the company. The members of the teams are ready to communicate both in writing and in speaking with the owners, therefore, we can help you to explain the accounts and the Hungarian specialties for you.

You are always welcome at our office for a preliminary personal consulting where we can review the needs of the company in order that we could make custom-fit offer if changing the accountant becomes relevant.



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