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Zsolt Ilyés

International tax expert


Chartered tax expert, international tax expert.
The founder and the majority owner of ARKCONSULTING Kft. He has been working in the field of accountancy for more than 10 years, and he has completed this with his taxation skills. He actively deals with corporate questions related to tax law, primarily with screening and due diligence of company groups and filtering tax risks. As an expert with strategic aspect he is eager to establish company structures, manage sell and purchase transactions and prepare professional resolutions. He is ready to express his views on taxation issues in order to help market players make real decisions.

E-mail contact: ilyes.zsolt@arkconsulting.hu


Krisztina Garas Kovácsné


Ildikó Tóth

Chartered tax expert


Chartered tax expert, co-owner of ARKCONSULTING Kft.
Inspiring personality, who represents her Clients with active and conscious presence. Her special field is VAT, in which she has years-long representation experience. She also offers personal consultation on business operations and taxation. As a consultant, she cooperates with the legal representatives of her Clients and supports her partners in interpreting the legal provision correctly in order that a proper daily structure and practice could be established. Her professional work also covers submitting requests for professional resolutions, petitions and applications regarding tax law. She is experienced in duty issues, tax calculation and the preparation of various returns. She acts as an active consultant in tax controls, in which she coordinates and supervises the processes.

E-mail contact: toth.ildiko@arkconsulting.hu


Emőke Jurasits

Head of accounting


She has been working on the field of accounting for more than 15 years. During her career she took part in establishing and operating bookkeeping, accounting and controlling processes. She is aware of all operating mechanisms, struggles and challenges Hungarian companies may face, and she is familiar with the accounting issues of the corporate sector. As a leader she takes part in organising the work, the professional training and the supervision of our accountant colleagues as well as assuring quality services. She is in daily contact with our Clients, and she knows both directly and indirectly the structures, the questions and the problems of them.

E-mail contact: jurasits.emoke@arkconsulting.hu