Our colleagues have been preparing the payroll for more than 600 employees for approximately 10 years, and they are also proficient in personnel questions. If you are looking for a payroll specialist who prepares regular and transparent payroll for the company month by month and informs you on your payment obligations, please, request a quote from us.



Payroll services

  • Comprehensive payroll services based on attendance sheets
  • Manage and administer deductions and attachments
  • Make records of wage payments
  • Calculate taxes and contributions payable by the employer and make lists of transfers
  • Prepare and submit monthly and quarterly contribution returns
  • Account for commission fees, capital distribution, dividends and other benefits
  • Register an employee into and out of the company
  • Manage employee benefits, supplies and tax allowances
  • Administer holidays and other days off work



Making payroll often seems an easy task, as it is all about calculating the wages and related contributions of a given number of employees. However, pursuant to the Hungarian legal regulations, this may be more complex if a company employs a pensioner, a person with reduced capacity to work, a person in part time or working in allocated cumulative working hours, a newlywed or a colleague with more children. Above this all, it also matters if an employee was on sick leave, received sickness benefit, was on holiday and if that was a justifiable holiday.

We often experience that reviewing and interpreting legal provisions may be a significant challenge for some companies. Certainly, it is not necessary to outsource the monthly payroll. Frequently the HR or the financial colleagues are supposed to do this task. If a company has a low headcount with employees in similar positions and with similar conditions, it may not as well be necessary. In this case it is enough to have a personnel consultant revise the employment contracts prepared by the lawyer, and then proceed accordingly.

Nevertheless, if the company is growing, and different positions are created with differentiated wages, a wage structure is realised and other benefit options come up – such as bonus and fringe benefits -, it is worth commissioning an expert who takes the responsibility for the wage and contribution payrolls even after years. This is a crucial step as a miscalculated contribution may give rise to company debts that the authority may impose default penalty on.



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