Personnel services



If you wish to have all your personnel issues in safety and would rely on an expert who may help you not only in interpreting legal regulations, but applying them optimally as well, and who takes the responsibility for the processes, please, request a quote from us.



Personnel services

  • Create work schedule
  • Prepare personnel administration
  • Consult in special employment issues
  • Consult in notice issues
  • Manage non-competition agreements
  • Consult in fringe benefit issues



Experience of the previous years confirmed our concept that employment arises several labour-related questions.  Management tries to solve these issues to their best knowledge up to a certain point, however, as the company starts to grow and employ more people, the number of positions increase and shift-work may be introduced, and at this point an expert shall be involved. As in this case, employment documents are also differentiated, since there will not be two identical job descriptions or employment contracts. These shall always be made in accordance with reality considering all the special details, preventing a possible legal dispute, control or incurred fine. Furthermore, in order to avoid the previously mentioned difficulties, it is recommended to periodically supervise the existing contracts with the help of a labour lawyer, yet mainly with a personnel consultant if wages or employee restructuring come up.

We are proud that our Clients are more frequently turning to us with different personnel issues during our daily work, as the main objectives of companies on the long term are optimising costs and establishing regular employment.

It is crucial for us to provide prompt solution for the incurring issues; therefore, the sector-specific knowledge of our colleagues is inevitable. Since employment issues need more complex knowledge, and they cannot be solved by general schemes.


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