Tax advising


If you are seeking a tax expert who is proficient in domestic and international tax issues, who can provide immediate solution for your problems, and who takes the responsibility for the established processes, please, request a quote from us.



Tax advising services

  • Domestic and international tax advising
  • Preparation for tax control, comments on the records
  • Representation during tax controls
  • Asset management
  • Tax planning and optimisation
  • Company structures and restructuring
  • Wealth inspections
  • Review of contracts and documentation in accordance with the provisions of the tax law in effect



Regulations of the Hungarian taxation are continuously changing and getting increasingly complicated year by year, which is extremely difficult to follow. This current innovative environment puts a growing pressure on the companies that are forced to make frequent changes to reduce costs or retain competitiveness. These changes may include reforming daily business operations, penetrating international markets or a unique transaction (e.g. investment, development). However, in order to achieve success in these changes it is not substantial to lean on the figures of the company, but the influencing circumstances and the economic situations shall be examined as a whole, analyze the underlying tax risks, identify the alternatives, select the optimal opportunity, and finally make the strategy. Ignoring all these steps may result in significant tax consequences, which might as well make the company unfeasible.

For instance, in the financial report of a tender special tax principles shall be considered, which shall be proven by proper documentation, and the books shall also be prepared for it. As another example, in the case of claiming VAT refund it is not enough to rely on the books. The management shall review their business transactions to reveal hidden risks so as to prepare the company for successfully completing a possible tax control.

It is reasonable to involve a tax expert into making high priority decisions affecting the life and the operations of the company. In tight cooperation with the accounting department, this tax expert can adapt the processes chosen by the management into the daily operations besides complying with all tax regulations, and helps enforce the tax structure.



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